Welcome to The Den of Grace

Hello there!

My name is Ebony. First, I want to start by saying, “thank you” for stopping by. You could have chosen anywhere else, but you opted to visit with me :). That’s awesome.

How I chose the name?

I wanted the blog to reflect a place that’s safe & comfortable. When I think about a den, I envision family gatherings, good conversation, you know, a happy place to relax and unwind. Then, there’s the grace that comes with the family who truly knows and understands who you are. Even if you make a crazy statement, they get you.  Same applies to this blog. I blog not only as a creative outlet for me, but it’s also a way for me to reach others. So in a nutshell, the Den of Grace is a safe place to connect with others and my creative outlet. 🙂 Cheers to that!

And the why?

I created the Den of Grace as a way to encourage woman (and) men in their daily lives. As a Christian millennial living in today’s society, most times it can be tough. I say that with little restraint because there are so many agendas pulling us in different directions. The thing is, I can attest to the temptation of doing things that are contrary to my walk with Christ. And for many years, before accepting Christ into my life, life was nothing short of savage. Hence, why it’s so easy for me to relate with others.  It’s so important for me to exemplify love to everyone and treat them kindly, no matter what their current lifestyle may entail.

I truly have the heart to help people. I want to see you win!

It’s my desire for everyone I encounter to have the opportunity to experience the gift of grace given through Christ, my Savior. I honestly believe everyone should know they’re special and created for a distinct purpose. Join me on this journey of battles, wins, and everything in between. I invite you on my walk of grace where I’ll share my faith, fashion, fitness, clean eating, D.I.Y. hacks and all things beauty. Excited, is the only word that can express how I feel about all that is to come! Finally, always feel free to reach out for prayer or any questions you may have. REMEMBER: Be Kind. I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly.

A few things about me

I have a special place in my heart for coffee, strawberries, and sour candy (I’ve been doing SOOO much better with this sweet tooth since starting my clean eating journey).

I’m an acquired taste. I’d consider myself, part fashionista, avid thinker, nerdy, goofy, a little quirky [or extra] whichever you’d prefer.

I can be extremely loud when I get excited, my family can attest to this.

I’m a work in progress, I mean aren’t we all?

I workout! (Yeah, I sang it)

I love signing on the top of my lungs while in the bathroom, am I the only one?

I thoroughly enjoy doing research on just about any topic; I’m always open to learning new things.

Again thanks for stopping by…

With Love,

<3 Ebony <3