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Over the past couple of years, I’ve come in contact with many articles and reports that share how bad the average deodorant is for our bodies. Not only is bad, it’s toxic. Chemicals like (aluminum, formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens) are found in this item that most use DAILY. It really troubled me to think not only am I putting toxins in my body, but companies know this yet the products are still on the shelves. Not to mention they sell like hot cakes. I mean, almost everyone uses deodorant. Most people don’t want to walk around smelling themselves or making others have to either, right? Right. After doing further research about the chemicals listed above, I was appalled at what I found.


My old deodorant

What I learned

Most deodorants have the following chemicals:

Aluminum did you get that? Metal in your deodorant. This metal ingredient– not only is it not good for your long-term health; it has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Formaldehyde wait, you mean, the stuff they use to embalm a body, in order to preserve it. Yes, that stuff. It’s used to kill bacteria and also a carcinogen.

Parabens a chemical that has been known to cause an imbalance in our hormones, also found in the biopsies of breast cancer tissue.

Propylene glycol – the chemical also used in antifreeze. So, the stuff we put into an [automobile] to keeps us cool is also being observed into my body. Again, I have to say, yes. Are you convinced to start looking for natural deo yet?

Phthalates – this is found in plastics and has been known to mess with your hormones, in addition, it’s an endocrine disruptor, (endocrine helps to secrete hormones) this is important.

Common question: It’s natural, will it work?

I’m one of the many women that can say I used to use men’s deodorant for some time (before switching to Secret) because I didn’t feel like the demo for women was strong enough. Don’t judge me, I mean, I believe Axe got the drift that a lot of women were using men’s deodorant and started creating scents for us. I know I’m not the only one that did this. With that said, I also wondered the same thing. Will this natural stuff actually work? Thing is, I’ve used one other natural deodorant and it didn’t hold me, so I definitely had some reluctance in trying another natural deodorant. Anywho, Good news is this stuff works! it really does. I was shocked and happy to find a natural deodorant that works!

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Why I love ‘Holly’s Keeping it Real’ Natural Deodorant

The natural deodorant is hand made by Holly in her home. Yes, it’s D.I.Y. 🙂 As you interact with me more you’ll begin to learn how much I thoroughly love and enjoy D.I.Y. projects. For me, this is nothing short of great. It’s apart of the reason why I love her! The deodorant only has four ingredients baking soda, coconut oil, arrowroot, and one of three essential oils (lavender, orange, and grapefruit). I purchased lavender, it smells great! From time to time she’ll post a video of her making the golden Deo on her Instagram.

Where to find it

‘Holly’s Keeping it Real’ has a shop on Etsy. When I made my first purchase I shared how much I wanted to get rid of Secret deodorant. I was also was hoping that her deodorant would be the replacement. It just so happens that it is! I can finally breakup with my secret deodorant. The beauty of it is I get to support small business, a fellow girl boss and stop putting horrible toxins in my body. This woman feels like doing a happy dance. For those of you that have made the switch to natural deodorant, what prompted the change for you? Please share your comments below.


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