"Good without God"

While on Campus

I’d just finished a Spanish class and my Profesora asked me to meet in her office to look over a quiz. As I walked from the Business Admin building to her office building, I had the pleasure of passing our Student Union Building. (Side note: I attend the University of Central Florida, the second largest University in the Nation, with over 60,000 students, I know LARGE RIGHT. That’s a lot of students.) Back to my story. As I walked past the Student Union there were several tents with different student organizations and businesses trying to recruit and/or solicit business from students. There was a lot of commotion due to the 30 plus tents that were in the area.

As I walked by a particular tent I couldn’t help but be grieved when I saw a poster that read in bold letters, “GOOD WITHOUT GOD.”  Many emotions encompassed me at that moment. I felt hurt, sad, enraged, compassion, and confusion, all at once. I asked myself as I stared with a blank face, headphones in, and music playing, “what in the world do they mean by that?!?!” “Do they not know that only God is good?” I was reminded of the story when Jesus spoke to the rich young ruler as he called Him “Good teacher” in (Matt 19:16-22). The rich ruler was inquiring what he needed to do in order to inherit the kingdom of God. Even he knew that Jesus, God in flesh was Good.

My Reality

I felt sad for them, because as I looked at them, through discernment I saw many dark and depraved spirits among them. Of all the booths that I passed it wasn’t until I began approaching their booth that I had a different feeling. It was an eerie, dark feeling. Sadly, it made complete sense. Although they believe they are good without God. That’s definitely not true. There was definitely a presence of darkness, which I felt it in that moment. I know it’s only because I follow Christ that I could feel the separation of darkness and light (Christ in me).

I wish they felt different and didn’t believe the lie that they’re good without God. At that moment I began to pray for them. I also prayed for anyone that may be passing by and be persuaded by their message. I prayed that they wouldn’t believe the lies the adversary and darkness have set before them as snares to capture their souls.

There was heaviness inside of me, because as I looked around I saw God in all things. The sky was a beautiful light blue, the sun was shining bright, the weather was almost perfect outside. It wasn’t too hot or cold. You could feel a gentle wind blowing against your skin; that was all God’s doing. Keep in mind it’s January. While the rest of the country is suffering with severe weather, we have the opportunity to be outside in very little clothing. All because God decided it was fitting to allow this weather. Yet they candidly profess they are “good without God.” The reality is they wouldn’t even have the [opportunity] to be so bold about their lack of need for God had he not [graced] them with another day. The thought of it all was unsettling.

God IS Good.

At that moment I became humbled as I thought, although people choose not to acknowledge God and all that He does for us DAILY… He is still faithful enough to give us life. A life where we have the free will to choose if we want to serve Him, ourselves, Satan, a grasshopper, or whatever else we may choose to follow. He is truly GOOD. Not many of us could stomach that type of disrespect. We’d have to retaliate at some point. We would have to say look all that I do for you and yet you still treat me like I don’t exist! Ok. Bye. Away with you. Off with your head. {insert exit phrase here} You get my point?

That’s all it would take for us to give up. Simple. For a human… However, God is so patient with us in our disobedience. At that moment I was reminded of the immeasurable love that He has for us. I really wished those students could partake in the love that Jesus showed as He was crucified on the Cross at Calvary. What they fail to realize is although they don’t acknowledge Him. He died that for them. It’s due to this reality why I can say with confidence ONLY GOD IS GOOD.

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  1. Kay

    February 28, 2017 at 4:53 am

    Great thoughts here. It’s one of the greatest deceptions and distractions from the gospel, that we can somehow be good apart from God. If that were true Jesus wouldn’t have had to die. But he did, and went through so much even for those people declaring their own goodness.

    1. denofgrace

      March 10, 2017 at 12:23 pm

      I completely understand what you mean. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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