The Back Story

I am sure many of you would like to know my inspiration behind starting a blog. Well, the truth is I have been putting it off for some time. I started a blog slightly over a year ago, wrote a few posts; it got a few likes from my social media. Nonetheless, I never went back to it after that. It is still up and running; however, there hasn’t been new content in over a year. My loss of interest had much to do with what was going on in my personal life. For the time being, the blog was officially on the back burner.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always loved to read and write. I was the kid who enjoyed writing essays because, for me, it was easy. Not to mention, it made me happy.  I’m better at expressing myself with words. I can give a phenomenal speech, as long as I have the time to put my full thoughts in writing, first.

Why Blog Now?

1. I want the freedom to create my schedule. With this new freedom, I’ll be more available to do the things that mean the most to me. Things that directly affect my walk with Christ and accomplish more for the Kingdom. I’ll have the opportunity and more time to serve others. 

2. Through blogging, to begin, it will be an extra source of income, (eventually, I want it to be my primary source). You may not know this, but many bloggers make a full-time living through blogging. With Gods help, I plan to do the same.

3. I can help others with my God-given gift of writing. It is my hope that I can lead others to the Gospel and a healthy relationship with Christ. I believe this is my special place to impact the Kingdom.

4. To teach people frugal tips I know so they don’t go broke trying to appear “rich.” The are many ways to live frugally. When it comes to my fashion, I often call myself the “clearance queen.” After implementing some of my tried and true tips, you’ll be excited to share with everyone how much you’re saving. As you may know, I have a special place in my heart for fashion! But did you know ?!?!? You can still look really nice on a tight budget. You’d be surprised how many great deals are out there) we’re not only talking about clothes either…we’ll get to that later. But until then, check out Ebates. (use my link to sign up, and you’ll get $10 WELCOME BONUS after you make your first purchase.) This is a great service to use! You can get cash back when buying your clothes and other items ON CLEARANCE [totally my preference] that is :).

5. I have yet to find work that fulfills me. By that I mean I am looking for a job or career that not only pays my bills, but I need something that has a purpose. A standard 9-5 seems almost like torture when you desire to live intentionally to impact others in life. I believe that if I were to find a job that’s attached to my purpose, it would remedy that disdain that I have often felt in other positions. With that said, I am working on my fulfilling my purpose, achieving career goals, and building a blog at the same. All in hopes of finding a stable balance between them all. And – Inspiring others to live intentionally.

6. I have a strong desire to be a millennial homemaker. What is that you may ask? The woman who works from home, cooks crazy healthy meals for her hubs (and/or family), works out, makes her home a peaceful sanctuary, all the while still girl bossing it up. I want my family to know they are significant and worth every ounce of my time and effort to make our life beautiful. With a desire for clean eating, I know it takes time, and considerable effort to meal plan, count calories, etc. Having my own schedule will afford me the time to do this. To be healthy, you should be eating at least five times a day, two snacks included.

7. Let’s say it together, “pay off student loan debt.” Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

8. Finally, who doesn’t like working in pajamas and blasting your favorite music while you work? 🙂


<3 Ebony <3





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