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How to Start Your Lifestyle Blog

So you want to Blog? You have finally decided to muster up the courage to start that blog you have always dreamt about; even though your friends and family may be asking you “are you sure you want to start a blog?” Great! Welcome to the club šŸ™‚ This journey will be filled with much learning, so get ready for the massive influx of knowledge. When starting out on your blogging journey, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Maybe  ...


Yoderm – See a Dermatologist In Your PJ’s

Ā How is That Possible? Going to the dermatologist has never been a simple task. In my experience I’ve had to schedule several weeks in advance because the dermatologist’s calendar always seems to fill up quickly. It’s almost likeĀ scheduling a non-emergency dental visit. Right? Now with Yoderm, anyone can see a skin specialist without leaving the comfort of their home. How cool is that?!??!? I found this awesome service when  ...

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The Truth About Love

What isĀ Love? There have been several occasions when I overhear conversations about love or even better, I was involved in the discussion about what love is. And too often after hearing how love is defined, I’ve found myself thinking, hmmm…well, that’s not quite right. So much so that I wanted to set the record straight once and for all. There is one meaning of LOVE. While others may come close, the definition to be  ...